Niklaus Mäder

On 1 January 2019, Niklaus Mäder was appointed Technical Secretary of the ENSI Board.

Prior to his appointment to the Technical Secretariat of the ENSI Board, he was employed by the Association of Swiss Electricity Companies (SEV), first as Editor-in-Chief of the journal ‘Bulletin SEV/VSE’ and then as Regulation Senior Expert. In the latter role, he led the Technical Secretariat of the association’s internal commissions and was responsible for, amongst other things, the subjects of regulatory costing, imputed rate of return, opening up of the electricity market and revision of the Electricity Supply Act.

In other employment, he has worked as Economic Editor for the Aargauer Zeitung and the Berner Zeitung and as a research assistant to the Swiss Federal Competition Commission.

Niklaus Mäder studied Economics at the University of Freiburg (CH) and graduated in 1998.