The organisation of ENSI

ENSI’s structure comprises various Divisions which are subdivided into Sections.

Supervisory Division K (Nuclear Power Plants) is responsible for supervision of nuclear power plants, and Supervisory Division E (Waste Management) deals with the “Deep Geological Repositories” sectoral plan, the other nuclear installations and the procedures for taking installations out of service and decommissioning, as well as transport. The remits of Divisions A (Safety Analyses) and S (Radiation Protection) comprise probabilistic and deterministic safety analyses, measurements and monitoring in connection with radiological protection, security, and human as well as organisational factors. Division DS (Staff of the Directorate) supports the Director General and is the coordination hub for ENSI, the Director General, the Executive Board, the ENSI Board and the various authorities. Division DS includes the Communication, Legal Affairs and International Affairs Sections. Division R (Resources) ensures that the infrastructure is in place for all the Divisions. In addition, Division R includes Human Resources and Finances.