Rafael Macián-Juan

Rafael Macián-Juan has been a member of the ENSI Board since 1 January 2021.

He has held the Chair of the Department of Nuclear Engineering at the Technical University of Munich since 2007. Prior to that, Rafael Macián-Juan worked for ten years at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), conducting research and development in the fields of reactor thermohydraulics and coupled neutronics. In addition, he prepared safety assessments for Swiss nuclear power plants. The focus of his current research is in the areas of reactor safety, experimental thermohydraulics and new nuclear reactor and nuclear fuel designs. Prof. Macián-Juan has established numerous collaborations with universities and research centres in Europe and China. He is also visiting professor at the Harbin Engineering University in China where he currently lectures on radiological protection.

Following his Master of Science (MSc) degree in Energy Systems in 1990 at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), he went on to obtain an MSc degree in Nuclear Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University (USA) in 1993 and his doctorate in 1996.