Jacques Giovanola retired from the ENSI Board at the end of 2020

At the end of 2020, Jacques Giovanola stepped down from the ENSI Board having reached retirement age. Since January 2012, he had been a member of the ENSI Board, offering his proven expertise in the field of nuclear and reactor technology, particularly in the field of failure and fracture mechanics.

Jacques Giovanola was a member of a variety of ENSI Board committees and bodies and most recently played a leading role in advancing ENSI’s information security policy at the strategic level. Research and the retention of expertise within ENSI were also of particular concern to him. 

As a professor of mechanical design, Jacques Giovanola was deeply involved with his scientifically-trained eye in the technical aspects of the supervision of Swiss nuclear installations and radioactive waste disposal. From his international research activities, he added in-depth knowledge to the management of the regulatory authority. He enjoyed talking to ENSI staff and discussing supervisory projects at ENSI Board meetings. He was particularly committed to the professional and personal development of the staff.

With Jacques Giovanola, the Board is losing a long-standing member who was held in high esteem by ENSI and the ENSI Board. The ENSI Board would like to thank Jacques Giovanola for his many years of dedicated service and wishes him all the best for the future.